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The World Between Blinks

The World Between Blinks by Amie Kaufman and Ryan Graudin

Cousins Marisol and Jake are at the packing up of their grandmother's house before the sale when they decide to boat out to a lighthouse, following a map they found. They lose the boat, they find a key, they use the key, and they find themselves -- in another world.

A world of lost things.

Christopher Creaturo explains that he and his fellow Curators could get them out, but there's a lot of red tape, and if they steal a ledger for him, he can make sure it's done irregularly but in time to get them out.

Complications ensue. Losing memories, getting another -- irregular assignment, learning more (and then more) about Christopher, a jungle, several underwater cities and a woman who dances in one, what Jake and Marisol think about loss and finding, a very jumbled royal court, and more.
Tags: author: g, author: k, category: children's books, genre: fantasy, review

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