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Reincarnated As A Sword

Reincarnated As A Sword Vol 1 by Yuu Tanaka

An isekai work, though I am given to understand that becoming a sword was fresh and new for this work.

It opens with the common inexplicable rebirth of a character from our world in a fantasy world. This one, as a sword imbedded in a pillar. Fortunately for it, it can fly by use of telekinesis. Also, some goblins bother it, and it discovers that killing them grants it more abilities. (A video game status bar reveals all.) It does some frolicking about killing monsters which gets a bit tedious for lack of forward motion, but then it accidentally lands somewhere where he can't take off.

A month or so later, a party of slavers and slaves, chased by a two-headed bear, comes by. A cat-girl slave takes it up, and kills the bear. The sword then kills the surviving slaver, and the adventures pick up. It involves learning much about the world and its adventurers and its dungeons and what the swords has been accidentally doing and the danger of a goblin swarm.
Tags: author: t, genre: fantasy, review

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