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Peace Talks

Peace Talks by Jim Butcher

Book 16. The story starts and comes to a point within this book, but it alludes to a lot that went before -- and points very sharply at what will happen after.

Spoilers ahead for earlier books.

It opens with Harry learning that his brother Thomas's girlfriend Justine is pregnant. And then Wardens arrive to tell him of the title peace talks and tell him he's want to liaison in places. When he goes to his new home -- the svartalf embassy, Molly set it up -- Maggie makes pancakes. Then Ebenezar McCoy arriving with the warning that someone is trying to remove him from the White Council and urge him to leave Maggie in a foster home.

That is, of course, business as usual. He goes to see his girlfriend and comes back to find a fire and a lot of trouble. It involves an assassination attempt, the rules of the Accords, family news, how McCoy hates the White Court, someone who works for a dollar, Mab telling Harry that he must do two favors for Lara, what is happening to Molly, Demonreach, and more.
Tags: author: b, genre: fantasy, review

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