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The Last Human

The Last Human by Lee Bacon

From the point of view of a young robot. . .

After a day of learning with its Parental Units about such things as nail salons and how vain humans were -- that was among the many reasons why robots had to wipe them out -- it works as a solar panel installer. One day, after twelve years, it must chase down a prohibited Lifeforms -- they cause trouble with the solar panels -- only when it tracks the lifeform down, it's human, despite their being wiped out thirty years ago.

Her name is Emma, and she's trying to reach a place.

The resulting story includes the duty of a robot to hide nothing from the Hive, trains, the notion of friendship and the concept of the ocean, sunburn, a story about a robot dog and another about a mouse, and more.
Tags: author: b, category: children's books, genre: science fiction, review

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