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Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler

An interesting, fictional, look at F. Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald's marriage and work.

What most may not know is that Scott (as he was known personally) took a lot of stuff from journals & letters that Zelda wrote for use in his short stories & novels. Plus she wrote a lot of short stories that had either both of their names or just his, because the publisher(s) either wouldn't pay as much or didn't think that anyone would read stuff written by a woman that wasn't about recipes or cleaning tips. (this was the 1920s after all).

Also found out in the book that Ernest Hemmingway was a bigger S.O.B that I thought he was. at first Scott tried to mentor him & mold his work. Hemmingway was at least civil to Zelda later, while still being Scott's drinking buddy, he was hostile to Zelda. Blaming her for Fitzgerald not working on whatever novel he was supposed to be writing at the time. He even seemed resentful of his "good friend." was it because he felt that after he got publish that he didn't need "help" anymore or that Fitzgerald was trying to be too controlling. Or as the novel puts forthZelda rejected his sexual advances while commenting about his less-than-impressive penis.Which could be why he said a lot of nasty things about them, especially her, later on.

The novel suggests that Hemmingyway might have been Gay or at least Bi and possibly having an affair with F. Scott. I didn't even know that F. Scott might have gone that way until i read the Wikipedia article on Zelda. If he (Hemmingyway) was, that might explain why he was all about the "manly" activities. boxing, bull fighting, sport fishing, drinking and womanizing. Maybe he was trying to convince the world, and maybe himself, that he was a man.
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