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Ghost in the Maze

Ghost in the Maze by Jonathan Moeller

Ghost Exile Book 2. Spoilers ahead for earlier works.

Caina decides to investigate the home of a dead Master Alchemist, since she has reason to suspect he's involved in the sorcerous plot she knows is going on. She finds quite a deal -- such as a magical ring, guards who unexpectedly catch her, and others who give her unexpected aid.

One of the latter offers to bring her into a daring raid. She recruits a strange locksmith for it, and they go to Callatas's Maze while he holds a celebration.

It involves mirrors, Caina's claiming to have a dead sister, mirrors with connections, an ability to do harm to an Immortal by punching him, two characters baiting each other over secrets, and more.
Tags: author: m, genre: fantasy, review

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