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Siege Tactics

Siege Tactics by Drew Hayes

Book 4 of Spells, Swords, & Stealth and not really a stand-alone. Spoilers for earlier volumes ahead.

In our world, Russell gets a summons and goes to get another module. He has a choice and picks one to the city of Lumal.

In the RPGverse, the intrepid band of adventurers is headed toward Lumal. Except they get diverted by a mysterious path, and a mysterious village.

Parallel storylines occur -- the party of PCs oscillating between gameworld and players, and thne other party of course entirely in the world --connected mostly by the knowledge of what has gone before. It involve players who are reluctant to interact with NPCs based on the last game, instruction in mana, uncomfortable moments about summoning, a golden roc's feathers, several attacks, burying dead bandits, a guard using a paladin's weak points to keep him from a hopeless battle, Kalzidar's evil plans, and more.
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