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The Russian Revolution

The Russian Revolution by Richard Pipes

His second Russian book. after Russia Under the Old Regime.

This is a history book. Where as Old Regime included some historical data about causes and changes, but was chiefly about Russian social structure, this is about the events, from 1905 to 1917, that formed and shaped the Russian Revolution, through World War I and to the murder of the Imperial family. All sorts of things from the "dry terror" whereby any dissent was driven out of intelligentsia circles before the Revoultion to the Bolshevists informing the United States as they asked for aid that they would go on agitating to overthrow the government, to the way the lie of "War Communism" was touted only when it was clear that their efforts had failed, and they tried to blame it on the war effort.
Tags: author: p, genre: non-fiction, review, subject: history

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