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Last Dragon Standing

Last Dragon Standing by Rachel Aaron

The fifth and last book in the Heartstrikers.  Spoilers ahead.  And parts that will be unintelligible without having read the first four.  . . .

It opens with a scene where the revelation about Bob in the last book is brought front and center.  And then Julius and Marci are rousted out to join the war council of dragons and the UN against the Nameless End that is filling the sky.  That they aren't dead yet shows that Algonquin is not dead yet.   Meanwhile the ambient magic is so high that Ghost and the DFZ are frolicking like mad, and no one else can safely leave the house -- not even Raven or Amelia.

It includes Svena's fury that Amelia isn't dead after all; the pigeon (of course); the dragons and the UN's dragon slayers; the F-clutch putting a demand to the other Heartstrikers; Black Reach being talked out of something, and more.
Tags: author: a, genre: alternate history, genre: fantasy, review

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