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Frost Fever

Frost Fever by Jonathan Moeller

Book 2. Which has not yet revealed why the series is called "Cloak Games." Some spoilers ahead. . . .

No major changes in the Elf-Queen-ruled future Earth much like the present-day otherwise.

It opens with Nadia talking to a fence about goods she stole in the last book -- but what really matters is that is where the anthrophages find her, and they're annoyed. She manages to survive with some difficulty, and she gets summoned again, to steal a valuable amulet from the giants coming to do diplomacy with the Elf Queen.

It includes a past boyfriend who had tried to frame her, centerpieces, pipe bombs, an ancient Assyrian, a woman whose preparations for the welcome including preparing for her husband's return in the honor guard, trees with dangerous leaves, and more.
Tags: author: m, genre: alternate history, genre: fantasy, review

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