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The Second Assistant & The First Assistantby M. Hare and C. Naylor

In short; if you liked The Nanny Diaries, you'll like these books.
Like the Nanny Diaries this is a fictionalized look at a world we know little about, in this case of movie agents, told from the first person. A world of crazy agents, spoiled stars & sleazy producers.

"Hollywood" does seem like another planet what with crazy diets, beauty regimens & being a slave to what's "in" at the moment.
One thing I found interesting; for the Vanity Fair after-Oscar party they schedule people to come in half-hour increments. The sooner you arrive (right after the award show) the better it is because only the "top" people are scheduled for those times. The later you go, the lower on ladder you are.

A couple of other things; It might seem odd, but the Second Assistant is the first book. And these books have a lot of adult language, if that's not your thing, this is a warning.
Tags: author: h, author: n, genre: fiction

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