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Thief Trap

Thief Trap by Jonathan Moeller

An alternate-history urban fantasy --

A few centuries in our future, after the Elf Queen took over the Earth (which is why it's very like the current day in some respects), Nadia's parents died of frost fever, Her baby brother was dying too, when an elf noble made her an offer to work for him, in return for saving him.

It came with some nasty conditions. Including the teaching her human-forbidden magic, and telling her after. Putting her to work as a thief. And this is the tale of one of jobs she had to do for him. One of the more dangerous ones, and one that's going to have -- ripple effects.

It involves a private party that reminds Nadia of some propaganda, her brother's foster father making some deductions, slavery and its rules, a strange wolf-like creature, a forged invitation, an animated shadow, and more.
Tags: author: m, genre: alternate history, genre: fantasy, review

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