marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote in bookish,

Dog and Dragon

Dog and Dragon by Dave Freer

Definitely the sequel to Dragon's Ring, though they have separate stories. Spoilers ahead.

Like Fionn traipsing after Dilean down a strange road, and the dangers they meet there, and Fionn's realizing Meb's effect on the dog.

Meb suddenly appearing in a castle in a manner that appears fulfill a prophecy, thus landing her in the middle of intrigue, and a world where magical exploitation of other worlds produces many attacks. With her surprised discovery that humans are noble here.

It includes a man willing to be executed if his family is spared, juggling on many occasions, a fount, three regents in a row without a king anywhere, a sorceress out for revenge, dealing with the evil eye, and much more.
Tags: author: f, genre: fantasy, review

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