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The Last Guardian of Everness

The Last Guardian of Everness by John C. Wright

Volume 1 of a two-book story. An epic-scaled contemporary fantasy.

It opens with young Galen waking from a dream and going to tell his grandfather Lemuel about it, and the warning it brings. His grandfather is quelling. And Galen, hearing himself be called "a frightened boy" resolves to act.

Meanwhile Raven talks in the hospital with his dying wife Wendy, telling the tale of how he got his name (and his father escaped the USSR). Later, Raven hears -- someone offering life to his wife, on the condition of the death of another. She refuses, indignantly. He accepts, secretly, on her behalf.

That starts off -- a lot. Involving a knight turned doctor, the belief that everyone is innocent when no evidence can be trusted; Galen's father and Lemuel's son, Peter, in a wheelchair and learning the truth; a man persuaded he can jump from heights without harm; an ancient wizard who frequently interprets various things of modern day as powerful magic (some rightly); treachery of shape-shifters; the need to recruit soldiers who would otherwise be discharged; much dreaming; a stepfather who thinks he hides his hatred of his stepson and so doesn't deserve the stepson's conduct, and more.
Tags: author: w, genre: fantasy, review

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