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The Fangs of Freelance

The Fangs of Freelance by Drew Hayes

Book 4. More adventures in the life of Fred, the vampire accountant. Spoilers ahead for the earlier books.

And even more accounting than the earlier books. In fact, of the five episodes here, all brush on it.

Neil's birthday party gets interrupted for Fred to get interviewed by the Agency to work as a freelance accountant for them.. (He meets Krystal's ex-fiance. And talks with Albert about the need for undead to grow.) Looking for finances at a castle after the Agents have done their work has complications. So does assessing an abandoned carnival, and doing inventory for an Agency stronghold. Talking with a grand mage about Amy's contracts gets even more interesting.

All of this includes masks, burning a photo, a Ferris wheel run by dragon magic, interest rates, a mage who uses cooking to concentrate, another odd power of Albert's sword, and more.
Tags: author: h, genre: fantasy, genre: humor, review

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