marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote in bookish,

Above the Timberline

Above the Timberline by Gregory Manchess

A tale of a young man's quest for his archeologist father in another, polar world.

The clues that this is post-apocalyptic are light, because that it is our world is not that important. What is important that when the father's expedition to find a city is lost, and his message returns, the son can not get help for a rescue operation.

Indeed, he faces both troubles -- burglars beat both his mother and his dog when trying to find something in their house -- and demands -- claims on his father's discoveries for supplies. The adventures after include a test with a sword, many bears, a woman who used to find her way through a maze with string, the Device that the robbers had not found, an avalanche, a tribe living in a harsh land, a father and daughter where the father did not raise her, and more.
Tags: author: m, category: graphic novels, genre: science fiction, review

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