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The Undying Wizard

The Undying Wizard by Jonathan Moeller

Book 3, with spoilers ahead for the earlier ones.

Like, the addition of Gavin to their number.

But as they go through a marsh, Ridmark demonstrates the power of marsh gas to burn, and discusses the way it lures swamp drakes -- and they have to fight one. A trolldomr speaks to them in riddling language, talks of its curiosity about "men of water" (all non-troll species), and tells them about the magic driving the undead.

This leads to an encounter with a young woman who practices wild magic, much to Calliande's horror; being caught outside wards; assassins who wear red masks; the importance of not cheating a dvargir; the death of a young man in a circle of standing stones, and more.
Tags: author: m, genre: fantasy, review

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