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Book Review: Corridors of the Night by Anne Perry

Originally posted by authornwolf at Book Review: Corridors of the Night by Anne Perry
The “white-blood disease” is ravaging Victorian England.  Thus far, the disease is incurable.  However, brothers Dr. Magnus Rand and chemist Hamilton Rand will stop at nothing to find a cure.  In their insanity, they purchase three young siblings Charlie, Maggie, and Mike to use as subjects for a risky experiment that could advance medical treatment or commit them to the gallows for murder.
Nurse Hester Monk happens upon their inhumane trial while treating one of the brothers’ patients.  She is even more appalled to discover that Charlie, Maggie, and Mike are dying from the brothers’ obsession.  Before Hester can expose the Rands, Magnus and Hamilton kidnap and hold her hostage.  William Monk, her husband and commander of the Thames River Police, frantically searches London for Hester.  Their investigation leads them to a hastily constructed cemetery for victims of the Rands’ clinical trials.  Monk and his team must find Hester before she becomes the next victim.

Filled with suspense, Corridors of the Night takes readers through a graphic novel about two men obsessed with finding a cure whether for their benefit or for the benefit of society.  As in her other novels, Perry explores psychological triggers behind human behavior to create multi-faceted characters while still reminding readers of the difference between right and wrong.

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