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Quest to the North

Quest to the North by Tom Rogneby

Book #2 of the Minivandians. A prequel, but spoilers ahead for Tales of the Minivandians.

A frame story has DaddyBear and Ruarin taking Elsked to an aquarium, where they see many fish, an octopus making jewelry, a vision frog, an albino alligator who foretells the future for them, and a tortoise who tells stories.

When Elsked sneaks off at night to ask for stories of his family, he must tell stories of his own life, which are the suburbia/saga mix. And then he hears of his parents:

After the battle told of in Tales, DaddyBear and Ruarin head north, hoping to recover Simon. The tale involves old friends of DaddyBear's, ice drakes, falling into a river, snowstorms, where DaddyBear grew up, and more monsters -- and other complications.
Tags: author: r, genre: fantasy, review

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