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Forgotten Worlds

Forgotten Worlds by D. Nolan Clark

Sequel to Forsaken Skies. Serious spoilers ahead for that.

And indeed, it takes some serious twists on its own. But Lanoe and Valk are heading through a wormhole with Valk's information about the aliens, and Centrocor ships are waiting to attack inside the wormhole itself. An interesting fight that has them connecting with the Navy, and the admiralty, a way they were not expecting. And learn a message that the admirals got: offering help.

Meanwhile Centrocor wants Lanoe -- alive -- very much. The employee Bullum does her best to track him down. With considerable resources.

It involves a duel, cowardice, a fugitive from the Establishment Crisis, how many alien races the Blue-Blue-White have wiped out already, knowledge. the peril of AI, and more.
Tags: author: c, genre: science fiction, review

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