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The Journey Home (A Kryon Parable)- Review

The Journey Home is the story of Michael Thomas and the seven angels. Michael Thomas is a low paid salesman living in a tiny apartment with a pet goldfish. He is unhappy with his life and longs for change. One day his apartment is broken into and Michael Thomas gets badly injured in the process. While in the hospital, Michael Thomas has a vision of an angel that asks him what he wants. Michael Thomas says he wants to go home and that he doesn’t want to suffer this horrible earthly existence any longer. The angel tells him that that can be done and that Michael should prepare for a journey when he wakes up. As soon as Michael wakes up, he gives away all of his things and prepares to go on a journey. He stumbles upon seven houses with seven different angels of various colors in them. From these angels, he learns various lessons like how to overcome his fears and what to eat and how to exercise and how to heal his own body as well as how to go through a vibratory shift. He also learns about the fact that all the people in his life were sent there for a purpose and that he had a contract to fulfill with each one of them. He also discovers the fact that they are all part of his ‘spiritual family’. In each of the houses after Michael learned his lessons, he was Asked: “Michael Thomas, Do you love God?” and each time he answered “Yes, I love God.” In the sixth house he is shown a woman that he is inexplicably drawn to and she explains that she was supposed to be his love contract but that he never got the chance to meet her on earth. Michael Thomas is distraught and realizes that he should have stayed on earth. However the woman encourages him to move forward in his journey and he does so with a heavy heart. On his way out of the sixth house he encounters an evil being, which was the part of him that was devoid of love. He defeats the evil thing with the help of his gifts; the sword of truth, the shield of knowledge and the armor of spirit, which he had acquired in one of the houses. Finally he comes upon the seventh house which contains a gold angel which is an exact replica of Michael Thomas. He realizes that the angel is his higher self and that he needs to accept him into his heart in order to go home. Michael accepts the love of his higher, angel self and finally opens the door to ‘Home’. He wakes up in the hospital bed with some mild injuries. He is shocked that it was all a dream. However, once he goes back to his life he realizes that he has changed a lot and that he deserves a lot more from life. He instantly starts to find a better place to live and a better job. He finds he is more confident and full of life affirming energy. He sees the angels that he met on his journey, in his meditations and he thanks them and embarks on a journey to find the love of his life.
The Journey Home teaches us a lot of valuable spiritual lessons. One of them being that you should never take your excess baggage with you. One of the angels told Michael to leave his heavy bags with him because he won’t need them on his journey. Michael didn’t listen and almost lost his life to the elements because of it. It teaches us not to take extra baggage with us that we don’t need. This can be said of physical as well as mental and emotional baggage. Another lesson is to never take more than you need at that moment. Michael learns this when one of the angels tells him that he should not take any food with him on the journey and only eat what he needs at the house. He doesn’t listen and the food ends up rotting and being eaten by worms. From this we learn that we should only take that which we can consume at the moment, and not more. Everything will be provided to us when we need it, if we have faith in ourselves and in God. Mike also had his first vibratory shift happen, where all of his cells began to vibrate at a higher frequency. This was because he had passed the test of being left all alone with no help from anyone and he kept his sanity. From this we learn that the toughest experiences in life are the ones that teach us the most and make us stronger. We also learn that every person in our lives was put there for a reason and that they all have a purpose to fulfill. Each of them teaches us something. So it makes sense then that they become part of our ‘spiritual family’. When Michael Thomas defeats the evil part of himself that is devoid of love, with the sword of truth, the shield of knowledge and the armor of spirit, it shows us that only the truth can conquer our dark sides. It proves that the saying ‘knowledge is power’ is true indeed. The fact that the seventh angel was Michael Thomas’s higher self has profound meaning as it shows us that the one that we really need to learn how to love is the piece of God in ourselves. Once we learn how to love ourselves, we are truly free to be the best versions of ourselves and to live life to its fullest. In all, this book is jam packed with spiritual wisdom and esoteric knowledge and you just have to read it once to be changed for the rest of your life.

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