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The Vindication of Man

The Vindication of Man by John C. Wright

And the adventure continues!  Over the millennia. . .

I wouldn't try to read this without the earlier ones.  For one thing, it's, like many other series, more a novel in several volumes than a series of books.  The three sections here cover very different events that move it forward.

But it's hard to review also because it has a swerve after the first third that it's hard to talk about what happens after without spoilers.

I shall merely say that it includes a son's discovering his father's death because his mother bears a coat-of-arms appropriate to a widow; the reappearance of Mickey and a crucial role in negotiations; bees; a discussion of the significance of the Monument; conflict over an inheritance; a message mentioning two daughters, and more.
Tags: author: w, genre: science fiction, review

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