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The Return of Sir Percival: Guinevere's Prayer

The Return of Sir Percival: Guinevere's Prayer by S. Alexander O'Keefe

A tale of adventure, honor, and peril as Percival returns from a quest to find the Holy Grail -- and what he finds in Britain is King Arthur dead, the Round Table broken, and the Queen nowhere to be found.

With the companion he acquired in his quest, he sets out to find the Queen. It does not stay that way, leading to consequences -- dealing with poisoned arrows, the tales of what happened in his quest, someone telling a false story to catch him out, a battle involving a hillside and a lake, silver mines, and more.

Plays around with history -- Saxons invading at the same time as the Norse -- and with Arthur's situation in history -- a couple of centuries later -- and with Arthurian characters. May please or annoy you according to how you find these things.
Tags: author: o, genre: fantasy, genre: historical fiction, review

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