authornwolf (authornwolf) wrote in bookish,

Book Review: Produced by Faith by DeVon Franklin

Produced by Faith is autobiographical, as Franklin shares how, by letting God direct his life, he became a Vice President at Columbia Pictures.  Franklin also explains why trusting God is essential to having a fulfilling career.
Franklin describes how God has a joyous plan for everyone.  However, like making of a movie, fulfillment requires completing phases of a journey to prepare one for handling success plus the additional responsibilities that accompany advancement.  One must be spiritually, emotionally, and mentally mature to have lasting accomplishments.
Overall, Produced by Faith is inspiring to those who struggle with adhering to their Christian beliefs in an industry where morals are compromised.  Franklin uses himself as proof that being firmly grounded in Christian principles is essential to having a lasting, fulfilling career.
Tags: author: f, genre: non-fiction, review, subject: memoir

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