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Bluebeard Tales from Around the World

Bluebeard Tales from Around the World by Heidi Anne Heiner

A massive collection.

First off we have the variants on Bluebeard -- some very close, some nearly related, such as "Fitcher's Bird", some diverging farther whether in "The Robber Bridegroom" where the heroine goes to the house, sees the evil, and escapes without the villain(s) noticing her or including such elements as there being a living prince in the forbidden chamber or a subplot like "The Three Aunts" where the sisters are put to spinning and weaving and killed for that. Goes as far as those that just have the forbidden chamber -- "Marya Morvena" and "The Enchanted Pig" -- and some that just have the murderous husband.

Also includes some early literary criticism of the tale type, some fictional versions (some playing with the tale even to making Bluebeard innocent) in prose, plays, and poems. I skimmed there because it's not my interest, but it does show a great deal of literary variety.
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