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Nip and Tuck

Nip and Tuck by Ralph E. Hayes Jr., in three volumes: The Bare Essentials, Gone Hollywood, Back Later, and Curtain Call.

The anthropomorphic adventures of two redneck fox brothers in Malarkey County, the over adventurous Nip and the laid-back Tuck.

A number of gag-a-day strips in all three. The first features Nip who asks three different girls to the dance, the lake monster (with a little continuity revision), Tuck noticing a girl he grew up with, Nip going to to stunt school, a wedding, and more. The second includes pro wrestling, a radio announcer, the shooting of cheap popcorn action flicks, and more. The third, Nip's romance, bathing suits, a foreign visitor's reaction to the lake monster, internet connectivity, and more.
Tags: author: h, category: comics and manga, genre: humor, review

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