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Goldenhand by Garth Nix

A return to the Abhorsen world. Spoilers ahead for earlier works.

Such as -- Lirael is the Goldenhand of the title, sporting a new metal hand made for her by Sam. She is working with Sabriel in the opening, but soon we have two parallel stories. One is that of a woman who calls herself Ferin (for reasons that will become clear quickly) bringing a message to the Clayr from the Witch in the Cave about the Witch with No Face. The other is Lirael's, and begins when she gets a message from Nick about a Free Magic creature south of the Wall.

This results in a story about a wrist injury, a dog, use of magic on a flooded stream, a woman who never returned without a full catch of fish, a creature vulnerable to thistles, an owl Charter skin, a long ago message, and more.
Tags: author: n, genre: fantasy, review

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