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Digger, Volume One

Digger, Volume One by Ursula Vernon

A webcomic turned compendium. . . not the complete story.

It opens with our wombat heroine Digger in a confused state. Bad earth does that, she explains; a period where she thought she was a small rock named Ed was easy, actually. She hits upon a cave area where she hears voices talking of killing her. And finally staggers to a place where she can gather her wits. Being lost, she digs in the only direction bound to go somewhere: up.

It lands her in the middle of a temple. After a chat with the statue of Ganesh (not the god, the statue), Digger tries to go home by figuring out where she is, especially when the statue determines that the hole does not go into the ground under the temple, and Digger's digging proves it by plowing a tunnel right through where it would be if it was.

This involves a nineteen-year-old hag, cave paintings, a question-asking shadow, a leech with a prophecy or two, two attempts to eat Digger, someone whose name was eaten, bandits, and more.
Tags: author: v, category: graphic novels, genre: fantasy, review

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