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The Story of my Life

I just finished reading "The Story of my Life" by Clarence Darrow, perhaps the most famous lawyer in American history. His defense of a teacher who taught evolution instead of the Bible in school is probably the only court case that has had two movies made about it.

While the intelligence, good spirits, and charm of Darrow leaps off the page, he never quite digs into any particular law case as much as I would like. Some chapters would make a good primer for the labor conflicts before WWI. Even by today's standards, he would be counted as a liberal and probably be a Bernie Sanders supporter, so it's remarkable how little our political situation has changed in America over the last 100 years.

I did skip over his arguments about God and religion, since they ran on rather long and while they might have been cutting edge arguments when he made them, they are old hat now.
Tags: author: d, genre: non-fiction, subject: memoir

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