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Rapunzel and Other Maiden in the Tower Tales from Around the World

Rapunzel and Other Maiden in the Tower Tales from Around the World: Fairy Tales, Myths, Legends and Other Tales about Maidens in Towers by Heidi Anne Heiner

Towers, damsels in distress -- rescues, not necessarily successful.

First section is a bunch of straight Rapunzel variants, though most contain elements that will surprise those who know only the brothers Grimm.  (As for Tangled -- um, actually one element in it and not in Grimms' is in fact more common.)

Then a set of "Maid Maleen" tales.  And more tales of captives in towers -- and in other locations.  Tales where she's locked up by her parents to protect her from a curse, or because she shows too much sympathy for the hero, or because the tsar sent her husband off on a lethal quest, and she won't marry the tsar instead. And escaping because you ran off with a prince, or because you are now queen, or because your parents died, and your brothers don't know why they locked you up.

Ranges over myths and legends as well as fairy tales.

Especially for those looking for variants and motifs.
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