Olivia (olivialove) wrote in bookish,

The Nightingale

The Nightingale
by Kristin Hannah
2015, 440 pages
Date finished: 12/22/15

I love when a book can make me feel such extremes. Extreme anger, extreme disbelief, extreme sadness...
It has been so many years since I read a WWII book, that the atrocities all seemed new, stinging, and painful. Parts of it reminded me of Ellie Wiesel's Night, which I had forgotten most of until this book sparked some memories of that novel.
I enjoyed experiencing this story through the eyes of these sisters because I learned different ways women played a role in this war, while also becoming attached and invested in the characters. I am also glad that stories are still being written about such a difficult subject. We live in an instant gratification era, where there is so much now always coming at us from all digital angles, there is little attention paid to the then. But the past has valuable lessons for us all. And this book serves as a sharp reminder of that.
Tags: author: h, genre: historical fiction, review

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