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Prince Prigio

Prince Prigio by Andrew Lang

A lightsome comic fairy tale retelling.

A mash-up, mostly drawing on the best known tales.  Though there are a few jokes that will pass right by a reader who doesn't know some unfamiliar tales.[Spoiler (click to open)]Such as why you might expect a cat to turn into a princess when you cut its head off.

It's the tale of the firstborn son of a queen who does not believe in fairies or magic and refuses to invite the fairies to the christening, despite the king's pleas. They come anyway. And shower him with presents. And the final one wishes that he will be too clever.  Which makes him -- rather unpleasant.  And also as adament at his mother that magic does not exist.

A tale involving a firedrake, a ambassador's daughter, a flying carpet, a magic telescope, a wishing hat, and quite a bit more.
Tags: author: l, genre: classic, genre: fantasy, review

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