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The Rebirth of Wonder

The Rebirth of Wonder by Lawrence Watt-Evans

A short novel and a very unusual contemporary fantasy.

A play is closing in a little theater, and Art, who's the owner's son and does the light, cleans up after. When, to his surprise, his father shows up with a client who's putting on a play.

A play Art can't find listed in the library. And they do not act like theater people, though discovering they are magicians and no doubt trying to hide their secrets, helps explain. One tells him that it was sort of a philosophical society more than an acting group. And as he goes through the props, a wooden dagger vanishes, and a nice sharp one appears.

The tale involves a door that appears from nowhere, the stone foundation of the place, using lights for their show, an odd audience, mentions of Stonehenge, the Valley of the Kings, and Mount Fuji, a need for him to work, and much more.
Tags: author: w, genre: fantasy, review

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