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Spinning Starlight

Spinning Starlight by R.C. Lewis

Liddi is home alone when, owing to not following her usual schedule, she realizes that armed men are breaking into the mansion.  She flees.  And learns that her eight older brothers, all extraordinary inventors, can not be contacted, and have not been in contact for several days.

Further discoveries lead to her learn she can not trust people about her -- only after she is prevented from speaking, and someone dies -- and then, mysteriously, her brothers appear and lead her to one of half-legendary portals.  It takes her to another world, where she has to manage among strangers without her voice, and in desperate need to save her brothers.  It involves alien races unknown to the seven planets in her society, a holiday dedicated to cleaning things up, games, Liddi's inabilty to read and write (coming from a world where it's all voice-controlled), her parents' will, news stories about her, and more.

Another hidden retelling, this time of "The Wild Swans" -- a Hans Christen Anderson tale, but one based on folktales.
Tags: author: l, category: young adult, genre: fantasy, review

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