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Impure Blood

Impure Blood by Nadja Baer and Nathan Lueth. Volumes 1, 2, and 3

Compendiums of the webcomic.

Volume 1 opens with a gladiator fight in which an enormous humanoid figure -- the Abomination -- fights off an entire crew of attackers -- announcer making it clear  that he's done this for year -- and a man, Caspian, directs two women in the rescue from the cells.  As Elnor distracts the guards, Dara reaches the cell, shows him she has the key, and not only gets his promise to help her, but his name, Roan.  And then a mad charge through the city because he has to be out of the gates by dawn to be free.  At the inn where they take him to recuperate, he learns more.  And they reveal bits and pieces to each other.  A mysterious attack, a machine-crazy girl who think Roan's really cool, and a secret society complicate events thereafter.

Volume 2 opens with them in a conflict torn city. Dara goes to rescue someone, and Caspian goes to retrieve a device, and Elnor goes to weasel out of a deal. Roan meets another of his kind, and Mac is ebullient and accidentally insensitive. A man with a grudge against Caspian appears, failure sends them off on another path.

Volume 3 opens with their continuing to talk with a mad scientist, and Dara waking up in a field. At the monastery where she trained, where she is put to an inconclusive test. A journey for the rest has them having to help a captain against a mutiny inspired by reasons Roan gets. A startling coincidence brings characters together for a city racked with problems and rebellion.
Tags: author: b, category: graphic novels, genre: fantasy, review

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