marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote in bookish,

more Mutts

All by Patrick McDonnell

Animal Friendly

Gag a day, like Mooch observing that the time's now, or that it doesn't look like rain just because it's cloudy -- once's raining, sure. Some variations on a theme, like an animal bookclub, and Mooch's diary. Also the story of Mooch as Proshpero the wizard -- who can make things disappear, sometimes, if they're the wrong thing usually.

Earl & Mooch

Attempts to hibernate by Mooch and Earl. How they would teach classes. A lovely one with a cardinal in a winter scene. And more

Our Little Kat King

A lot of standalone gags. With the annual trip to the beach, and dreams of Africa.
Tags: author: m, category: comics and manga, genre: humor, review

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