authornwolf (authornwolf) wrote in bookish,

Book Review: The Partner by John Grisham

Lies and treachery marked the life of Patrick Lanigan before he stole a fortune and became Danillo Silva. Silva enjoyed a quiet life in Brazil with his girlfriend lawyer Eva Miranda. But he feared being captured and returned to the United States. His fears manifested one day when hired thugs apprehended him, tortured him, and returned him to the United States. While recovering from the torture’ wounds, Lanigan worked feverishly from his hospital room to avoid jail, with the help of select allies.

At first, Lanigan is cast as an evil man who found a way to steal millions of dollars from his former law firm. Once in the United States again, Lanigan justified the motives behind his crimes through dialogues. By exploiting legal loopholes and leveraging his plethora of intelligence. Lanigan strategically attempts to avoid liability for his past. But, his penchant for attracting traitors haunted him.

Overall, The Partner addresses morality and exposes a justice system designed to uphold the law can be incapable of holding everyone equally accountable. Lanigan can be compared to Jean Valjean from Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. Both men only committed crimes to save others. Both men later eschewed being criminals. Yet, their pasts relentlessly followed them.


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