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Book Review: Eden Undone by Anna Lindsay

Originally posted by authornwolf at Book Review: Eden Undone by Anna Lindsay
Like children gone astray Adam and Eve destroyed their connection with God the First Sin.  However, if Eve had not disobeyed God, then paradise would have been preserved, if only for a while.  Through Eden Undone, Lindsay explores what would have happened if someone else succumbed to evil.  Christian themes concerning the importance of honoring God plus the usurping power of His unconditional love foster hope for humanity.

Despite being disobeyed, unappreciated, and disowned, God continues to love His children unconditionally.  In fact without His unconditional love, mankind is doomed.  Without God, those cast out of Eden and future generations are constantly angry, abusive, and refuse to accept responsibility for their actions.  Those who remain in Eden honor God throughout their long and carefree lives.  They extend the same unconditional love of their Father toward themselves and others. 

Overall, Eden Undone is a well-organized idea of how humankind would have been temporarily spared had Adam and Eve not eaten the forbidden fruit.  Intriguing insights into human nature, a plethora of imagery, along with intellectual dialogue among God, humans, and animals create yearnings for the paradise one can only phantom.  As a result, unbridled bliss of life in Eden followed by heartache after Creation is forever adulterated transform into vicarious experiences.   
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