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Justice by Jim Krueger and Alex Ross

A superhero story in twelve issues, or three volumes.  About the Justice League.

It helps to know the characters, I dare say.  There are lots of them, both heroes and villains.  It opens with a common nightmare plaguing all the supervillains, to draw them in:  the superheroes failing to rescue Earth from destruction.  And then showing their plots, capturing Aquaman, raiding Wayne Industries to use its computers, making the desert bloom, healing crippled people so they can walk -- which, as you can guess, leads into their plot. . . .

It involves a child who's not supposed to talk to strangers, the speed of Mercury, blue kryptonite, someone trying to smother a patient in the hospital, hostages, Wonder Woman's lasso, the Riddler's habit of telling the truth, subterfuge, and a lot more.
Tags: author: k, author: r, category: graphic novels, genre: superheroes, review

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