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Astro City

Astro City collections by Kurt Busiek. Volume 5: Local Heroes and Volume 8: Shining Stars

Collections of the comic book. Stand-alones or two issue stories. Of variable quality.

I liked Local Heroes better. We had a variety of bit characters in the life of the city. A doorman recounts the time he decided to leave, and the time he decided to stay, and why. A look at the tabloid-style comics of the world, and who can be offended. A man accidentally looks like he's going to be a superhero and the consequences thereof. A girl from the city visits the countryside, where they have a superhero. The lawyer who brought in superheroic tropes to defend -- how do you know it was not mind control?

Shining Stars was less good, but the origin of Beautie -- a superhero based on a doll -- was very good. The story of Samaritan and Infidel, their rivalry and their careful armistice is odd but good.
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