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works by Theodore Dalrymple

Two slim works by Theodore Dalrymple.

Admirable Evasions: How Psychology Undermines Morality

A look at the science of psychology and its effects, all the more interesting when you remember it is written by a psychiatrist.

Psychoanalysis, from Freud's falsification of evidence to the kind of psychobabble it induces. Behaviorism, the limits of its cures, and the grandiose claims made by its supporters. Rehabilitation of criminals and its weaknesses and dangers. Anti-depressants and their limits. And more.

The New Vichy Syndrome: Why European Intellectuals Surrender to Barbarism

A look at thinking in Europe. Hits on all sorts of topics. Demographic fallacies. Greek problems with debt -- reflected on a few years ago. the decline of religion. The effects of World War I (including that the "disillusionment" took some time after the war to hit) and World War II. Colonies and their loss. And more.
Tags: author: d, genre: non-fiction, review

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