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essays by Chesterton

Read two more of his selected essays.  On somewhat random topics. . . .

The Uses of Diversity: A Book of Essays

A diverse collection.  hits on his ignorance of Wales; how detective novels are domestic; the problem on judges' using their discretion;  various authors, from Dickens to George Meredith, to Jane Austen; the limited settings of the historical novel of his day; and a newspaper article about an alleged leprechaun.

There is something sinister about putting a Leprechaun in the workhouse. The only solid comfort is that he certainly will not work.

All I Survey: A Book of Essays

Also pretty diverse. He hits on the Teutonic theories of his day; how rebels often fail to realize that what they are revolting against was the rebellion of its day; war memorials; Mount Rushmore (if you read between the lines); the writing of poetry; what women have done throughout history; and the folly of young men blaming old men for World War I.

There's a certain edge to the last from historical events:

I think this worth mentioning now, for a simple reason. We are already drifting horribly near to a New War, which will probably start on the Polish Border. The Young Men have had nineteen years in which to learn how to avoid it. I wonder whether they do know much more about how to avoid
it than the despised and drivelling Old Men of 1914. How many of the Young Men, for instance, have made the smallest attempt to understand Poland? How many would have anything to say to Hitler, to dissuade him from setting all Christendom aflame by a raid on Poland? Or have the Young Men been
thinking of nothing since 1914 except the senile depravity of the Old Men of that date?

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