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Scout's Honor

Scout's Honor by Henry Vogel

An old school action-and-adventure planetary romance.  Indeed, part of the fun was the meta-effect of recognizing the old tropes.

Scout First Class David Rice jumps through a wormhole and lands in the most disasterous local possible:  an asteroid belt.  (With pulp SF concentration of asteroids, naturally.)  He crash-lands, barely managing to do it non-lethally, and escapes with only one bag of supplies when his ship sinks into a lake.  Shortly thereafter. a scream alerts him to a fight:  a woman being guarded by two men, in a fierce sword fight against creatures only vaguely humanoid.

His assistance -- using his Boost abilities -- gets rid of the problem and has him collapse (a little side effect).  When he regains consciousness, the surviving guard is afraid he's a raider, but he and the princess listen to his story.  Leading into a break-neck pace of adventures that involve a prince, underground tunnels, a city on fire, how the princess had nearly been kidnapped on her fourth birthday, being given a sword, another Scout who crashed (and noted that not all of them were lucky enough to stumble on a princess), the humanoid trogs doing things they have never done before (like speak a human tongue), a sandstorm, and much more.
Tags: author: v, genre: science fiction, review

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