marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote in bookish,

Through Open Doors

Astro City, Volume 9: Through Open Doors by Kurt Busiek

Yet another look at life in a superheroic world.

A couple of separate tales featuring the Broken Man, who can break the fourth wall, and gives odd glimpses.

More story-like is a two-part tale about a woman who gets a job in the Honor Guard's call center -- someone's got to filter all the calls for help -- and coping with the job.

Another is about all the super-powered people who stay out of both the heroics and the villainy -- though there are those who think they would be useful in it -- and on what jobs they hold down.

Yet another is about a man in the mob, with union connections, and his encounter with an other-worldly being.
Tags: author: a, category: comics and manga, genre: superheroes, review

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