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"What Liberal Media?"

“What Liberal Media? The Truth About Bias and the News” by Eric Alterman was one of the most depressing books I’ve read, and I’ve read “Game of Thrones.” But to lighten things, I would like to rewrite the table of contents to reflect how I would organized the same data.

Chapter One: Is Murdoch an Evil Mastermind?
Chapter Two: Conservative trash talk radio
Chapter Three: Why reporters throw softball questions at corporations and politicians for careerist reasons.
Chapter Four: The care and feeding of reporters on the campaign trail.
Chapter Five: The Gore-y Truth about Florida
Chapter Six: How reporters gave Bush enough rope to hang the rest of us.
Chapter Seven: War Drumming

It’s almost as if America had lived under an electronic “Truman Show” dome, and no one on the air dared crack it open until Jon Stewart and his paladins of chaotic truth challenged Rupert the Dragon. Their ratings proved that liberals could mean ratings, too, and that’s all the Masters of the Media Universe really care about in the end.
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