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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. Sorry if it isn't.
I've been waiting for a book to come out for EVER. Some of you may sympathize if you've read the author Kalanya Price, and are waiting for the fourth book in the series called "Alex Craft" book called "Grave Visions". The author keeps pushing the date, and the only site that seems to have it is
Thing is, is that the book isn't the US version. I believe it's the UK version. What is the difference? Does it read the same, or are there some differences? I've always wanted to read a UK version book of a series that I've picked up to see how it differs, like reading the UK book, then reading the next book in US... Just to see. But this book has been postponed for so long that I'll take which ever version comes out first, ya know?
But serious what IS the difference? If someone could help me out on that that would be very helpful of you all.
Thank you. Sorry if it's just a trivial question. I'm just curious, and slightly confused.
And again thank you for your time.
Happy reading!
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