Astrid Pizarro (astridpizarro) wrote in bookish,
Astrid Pizarro


Being on break from college gives me time to do many things I usually stopped or couldn't do. I've been stuck writing my own story, trying to find new ideas. I began reading books again especially romance ones to help spark my ideas and creativity, it's never easy to begin a new chapter.
I finished reading "Girl Online" by Zoe Sugg or Zoella. I loved the romance in it, I wish that kind of thing happened to me. I'd love to travel to another country and have someone fall in love with me based on my interests and personality but I guess I'll have to settle down for my own reality. However, I did learn to accept myself, who I am because someone will love that about me. I am a nerd I guess, I love books, comic books, music and watching many shows and movies. I collect things from my favorite shows and movies and I also collect TV seasons as well as my favorite movies, I may seem silly but I know I'll meet someone who does it too.
Dating has never been easy for me and I know it won't be easier with time. However, with a new year around the corner, I want to find myself as a woman and person. I want to find a new confidence about myself and love myself as well as my body because if I don't love it, who will?
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