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Imperfect Sword

Imperfect Sword by Jack Campbell

The third Lost Stars book.  Spoilers ahead for the first two -- and less so, for the Lost Fleet.

For instance, the book deals quite a bit with what Colonel Morgan did last book, and the hold it gives her over General Drakon.

But that's not the main plot.  The main plot is that a nearby planet, Ulinda, is looking like an issue and a possibility.  Morgan is set to scout before an invasion, though they have serious issues allocating forces, even with having recovered the fleet members who were Alliance prisoners.  Meanwhile, there's still the question of the enigmas, And the Alliance fleet, and the Dancers.

There's surprises on Ulindi, and their operation is used against them.  It involves a message to watch the different stars, General Drakon's meeting someone he knew before, a risky maneuver to dispel rioting, some adroit feints in space, news of a merciless bombardment, and more.
Tags: author: c, genre: science fiction, review

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