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The Raven Ring

The Raven Ring by Patricia C. Wrede

A tale of a fantasy land.  When a family of the hill folk Cihlar get word of the death of the mother of the family, the daughter Eleret sets out to retrieve her belongings.  Wouldn't be right, otherwise.

She arrives to receive news that her mother's death had been surprising; she had been recovering from her wounds, which had not mortified, and then abruptly, she died.  And there had already been attempts to steal her kit -- which, Eleret finds, contains the title ring.

It does not end when the ring falls into her hands.  The tale involves a noblewoman who asks what they wear in the mountains this season, cards vaguely related to the Tarot, a precaution about besieging, or leaving, houses, a shapeshifter, a thief, and much more.
Tags: author: w, genre: fantasy, review

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