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more Frazz

Two more Frazz books, still recommended for all who like Calvin and Hobbes.

99% Perspiration

The title is an allusion to a sequence in which he pokes fun at his own error attributing that famous quote to Einstein rather than Edison. He also shows the children the significance of history by means of his senior pictures.  He ends up coaching summer baseball because Miss Plainwell is also coaching.  Caulfield gets tired of their shilly-shallying and throws Frazz and Miss Plainwell together.  The principle objects to Caulfield's taste in music -- all that violence -- well, opera's not for everyone.  A survey on whom people would want to have lunch with -- anyone living or dead.  And many philosophical discussions between Caulfield and Frazz and other one shots.

Frazz 3.1416

Miss Plainwell makes Christmas cookies with her class, teaching them the importance of fractions, and other lessons. A sequence in which Caulfield briefly attempts to learn patience. Fund raising for baseball. Other adventures of summer vacation. a lot of gag-a-day strips, too.
Tags: author: m, category: comics and manga, genre: humor

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